In relation to the Law of Property, state five obligations of a lessor towards a lessee in a lease agreement

Duty not to derogate from the grant: the landlord must not do anything inconsistent with the tenancy.
Duty to ensure quiet possession: the landlord, his servants or agents must not interfere with the tenants enjoyment of the premises as he is entitled to quiet possession.
Duty to grant premises fit for purpose: the landlord must ensure that the premises let to the lessee is fit for the particular purpose for which it is let.
Duty to adjust or suspend rent: if the premises or part thereof is destroyed or damaged otherwise than through the lessee’s negligence rendering it or part thereof unusable, the lessor is bound to suspend or adjust the rent payable accordingly.
Duty to repair: the lessor is generally bound to repair the roof, main walls, drains, common passages and installations.
Duty to put the tenant in possession: the lessor is bound to hand over to the lessee the keys to the premises.


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