Human and Public Relations 2018 November Knec Past Paper

SECTION A (32 marks)
Answer ALL the questions in this section.
List four ways in which customers of an organization may benefit from public relations activities. (4 marks)
State four areas in which photographs may be used by public relations practitioners. (4 marks)
List three reasons that make employees an important public of an organization. (3 marks)
State three ethical standards that public relations practitioners should observe when dealing with the public. , (3 marks)
List three ways in which the top management of an organization can enhance the effectiveness of public relations programmes. (3 marks)
List three features of the corporate identity of an organization. (3 marks)
State three ways in which a manager can motivate employees using the Human Relations approach. (3 marks)
List three factors that determine the social status of individuals at the workplace. (3 marks)
State three non-hereditary factors that may influence the personality of an employee. (3 marks)
State three effects of attitude on an employees’ behaviour. (3 marks)
SECTIONS (68 marks) –
Answer any FOUR questions from this section.
(a) Explain six benefits that a firm may get from adopting a formal organization structure. (9 marks)
(b) Outline four reasons why the media may lack trust in an organization’s public relations officer. (8 marks)
12. (a) Outline six factors that may determine the scope of public relations activities undertaken by an organization. (9 marks)
(b) The Public Relations Manager at Nyali Limited ensures that his organization has ail exhibition stand at the Nairobi International Trade Fair every year. Explain four benefits that his organization may derive from such exhibitions. (8 marks)
13. (a) Describe six media platforms that may be used for public relations activities. (9 marks)
(b) Outline four reasons that may influence an organization to terminate a sports sponsorship programme. ‘ (8 marks)
14. (a) Explain six factors that lead to attitude formation. (9 marks)
(b) Describe four factors that led to the emergence of public relations as a field of practice. (8 marks)
15. (a) The Hawthorne experiments by Elton Mayo provided major insights for the Human Relations Approach. Outline six findings of the experiments that positively influenced organizations. (9 marks)
(b) Outline four organizational factors that may lead to frustration among employees.

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