1. Walk carefully into the interview room, do not wear a scowl or a stupid smile when entering the interview room.
2. Greet the interviewers politely avoid shaking hands unless the interviewers stretch
their hands to you.
3. Do not sit down until you have been asked to do so, adopt a natural and upright composed posture when seated.
4. Pay attention to what is being said and do not interrupt the interviewer.
5. When responding give relevant answers only and be audible enough for all the panelists to hear you.
6. Do not boast of your capabilities or qualifications.
7. If there is something you don’t know admit it straight a way.
8. If you are being interviewed by someone who does not possess as many degrees as yourself do not put on airs. Give the interviewers your co-operation and respect.
9. Be calm throughout the interview do not loose your temper or argue with the panelists these may not work your way.
10. Adopt a positive approach throughout the interview; express your enthusiasm for the job and the company. If you give an impression that you are not interested you may realize that the interviewer is also not interested in hiring you.
11. Avoid shifting in your seat, chewing fingers, smoothing your hair, adjusting the knot of your tie or playing with the pen or paper. All these are signs of nervousness. Nervousness is your worst enemy in interview.
12. When you are asked about your previous employer, be frank but do not criticize your former employer. Mention only positive aspects of your former employer.
13. Ask questions where full information has not been provided by the interviewer.
14. When the interview is over do not forget to thank the interviewer. You can ask tactfully when the results will be made known to you.

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