Essay writing is an attempt to write a given topic. Essay is derived from French word essays that means to attempt. It means composition. In any topic or subject composition is made up of paragraphs which are logically arranged and connected with one another.
Each paragraph discusses a particular subject relating to the topic i.e. leads to succeeding.

How to write good essay
Define the scope of essay e.g. if you are about the problems of industrialization the scope will be different from if you are to write about evils industrialization.

In the 1st topic i.e. the problems of industrialization you will discuss about the availability of raw materials, energy, labour and market conditions etc.
In the 2nd topic you can write about effects or industrialization e.g. pollution of atmosphere, exploitation of labour, concentration of wealth in few hands etc.

2. Jot down the ideas
This means you put down relevant ideas in a sketch form.

3. Prepare the outlines
You arrange the ideas you have generated in a logical sequence and you prepare your outline e.g. if you are writing about an event you should write using chorological sequences.

4. Think of an attractive beginning
Introduction should be fresh, original and arresting. It should be strictly relevant to the subject.
5. Conclusions have to be stated clearly and firmly.
6. Develop different points in different paragraphs.
7. Revise your essay
8. Avoid being irrelevant.
9. Use simple language
11. Develop habit of reading newspapers and periodicals.

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