Foundations of Human Resource Management 2012 November Knec Past Paper


  1. Highlight five measures that a Human Resource Manager should take to ensure thatemployees comply with human resource policies in an organization.

2. Outline the limitations of head hunting as a source of job candidates in an organization. (10 marks)
3. Explain the benefits that an organization may derive from centralizing its employee selection process. (] 0 marks)
An effective recruitment program should meet certain requirements. Explain live such requirements. (10 marks)
The principles of scientific management as proposed by Frederick W Taylor can be applied to the practice of human resource management. Explain these principles (10 marks)
4. The Human Resource Officer at Uzalendo Ltd is in the process of developing job descriptions for certain positions in the organization. Outline the information that should be included in the job descriptions. (io marks)
5. Explain the benefits that an organization may derive from reviewing its human resource plans. (10 marks)
6. Highlight five reasons that make it necessary for organizations to care}’ out human resource planning. (10 marks)
7. Describe the procedure that should be followed when inducting a new employee into an organization. (10 marks)
8. Highlight the indicators of a successful employee induction programme in an organization.

9. Blank application forms arc a common tool used io obtain information from prospective candidates.
10. Outline lite information that should be contained in such forms.

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