Financial year of holding company and subsidiary

Section 153 of the Companies Act Cap 486 states that:

(1) A holding company’s directors shall ensure that except where in their opinion there are good reasons against it, the financial year of each of its subsidiaries shall coincide with the company’s own financial year.
(2) Where it appears to the registrar desirable for a holding company or a holding company’s subsidiary to extend its financial year so that the subsidiary’s financial year may end with that of the holding company, and for that purpose to postpone the submission of the relevant accounts to a general meeting from one calendar year to the next, the registrar may on the application or with the consent of the directors of the company whose financial year is to be extended direct that, in the case of that company, the submission of accounts to a general meeting, the holding of an annual general meeting or the making of an annual return shall not be required in the earlier of the said calendar years.

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