Accounts and auditors’ Report to be Annexed to Balance Sheet

Section 156 of the Companies Act Cap 486 states that:

(1) The profit and loss account, and, so far as not incorporated in the balance sheet or profit and loss account, any group accounts laid before the company in general meeting, shall be annexed to the balance sheet, and the auditors’ report shall be attached thereto.
(2) Any accounts so annexed shall be approved by the board of directors before the balance sheet is signed on their behalf.
(3) If any copy of a balance sheet is issued, circulated or published without having annexed thereto a copy of the profit and loss account or any group accounts required by this section to be so annexed, or without having attached thereto a copy of the auditors’ report, the company and every officer of the company who is in default shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one thousand shillings.

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