Explain five remedies which the High Court might award a party whose fundamental rights and freedoms have been infringed upon.

Remedies available to a party whose rights and freedoms have been infringed:-

  • Habeas Corpus – an order to produce a person who is unlawfully detained.
  • Certiorari – an order to quash the decision of a lower court or quasi-judicial body for acting in excess of jurisdiction.
  • Mandamus – an order to command or direct a public officer to carry out a public duty.
  • Prohibition – an order of the High Court preventing an inferior court from hearing a case.
  • Damages – This is a common law remedy designed to compensate the innocent party by an award of unliquidated damages.
  • Injunction – This is a court order telling a person either to do a thing or refrain from doing a particular act.
  • declaration
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