Explain any five types of wholesalers who may be found in our country today.

Types of wholesalers who may be found in our country today.

  • National wholesalers – set up by government to distribute a specified product in the country. Have branches all over the country e.g K.M.T.C.
  • Regional wholesalers: Cover a given region such as province, districts, etc. and distribute a given product in that region.  No other party is allowed to distribute similar goods in the region.
  • Specialised wholesalers: Sell a particular type of a product eg books but offer great variety within their particular field.
  • General wholesalers: Stock a variety of related goods eg a hardware shop stocks nails, iron sheets, cement, etc.
  • Truck wholesalers: Carry only a limited range of stock and combine selling, delivery and collection function in one operation.
  • Cash and carry: Operate as self service stores.  Require retailers to come to the wholesale shop, pick their requirements, pay and carry away their own purchases.
  • Rack jobbers sell particular products to certain types of retail stores.

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