Discuss the factors that you would consider when choosing the mode of transport.

Factors that you would consider when choosing the mode of transport.       

  • Cost freight rate:  Amount of money paid to transport companies and should be maintained at lowest levels possible.
  • Speed and time: Time required to transport goods from source to destination.  Fast moving goods need a means of transport that is fast e.g newspapers.
  • Nature of goods: Bulky goods are transported by sea or rail while valuable and perishable goods are transported by road or air.
  • Flexibility: Ability of a mode of transport to reach its destination.  Road transport is the most flexible.
  • Distance: The length of the journey for which goods have to be transported.  Short journeys are more economical by road.
  • Packing requirements: This is how goods have to be packed to meet a particular mode of transport.  Special packing might add to the cost and become expensive.
  • Convenience: This is the certainity that goods will reach the expected destination in required form.
  • Availability:  This deals with how possible it is to get a certain mode of transport

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