Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

It is a subsidiary of business continuity which focuses on advanced planning and preparation necessary to recover essential operations, sites, function, systems and resources of the organization in the event of catastrophic failure or disruption.

Benefits of DRP
1. Identification of business critical systems, processes, resources and related vulnerabilities to support risk management functions.
2. Identification and definition of roles and responsibilities for the response action, providing ownership and focal points for communication and clarity in an emergency situation.
3. It supports for a swift coordinated response in an emergency situation.
4. Determination of the resources and time scale required to restore minimum acceptable levels of operation and service.
5. Reduction of consequential or secondary risks arising from unplanned action and panic responses.
6. Reduction of reputational and commercial risk from disrupted service to customers.
7. Opportunities for proactive input from suppliers and other key stake holders to the recovery process.
8. Increasing organizational risk awareness.

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