Description of the term law

Law is described as a body of rules for guidance of human conduct which is imposed upon and enforced among the citizens of the state. 


  1. This exposition of the term law captures its essential ingredients, namely that it is a body of rules for the guidance of human conduct and is enforceable.
  2. Law is an aggregate or conglomeration of rules enforced by courts of law.
  3. According to Salmond, law consists of a body of principles recognised and applied by the state in the administration of justice.
  4. It is generally true to assert that law regulate human conduct. It has been defined as a set of binding rules of human conduct, prescribed by human beings for the obedience of human beings.
  5. However, whereas law may be imposed on the citizens, this is not always the case. Law may be a product of the people. But Marxist postulate the theory that law serves the interests of the dorminant classes in society. According to Austin, law consist of commands of a superior who has power to impose sanctions for compliance. Law has also been defined as a coercive instrument for regulating social behaviour. Arguably, law may be imposed on the citizenry.
  6. The assertion that law is enforceable is true and correct as this distinguishes rules of law from other norms.

In our view, this statement is a general description of the term law.


Definition of law

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