Contents of Bidding Documents

1. Invitation to Apply for Eligibility and to Bid
2. Instructions to Bidders
4. General Conditions of Contract
6. Schedule of Requirements;
7. Technical Specifications of the Goods and Services to be procured; and
8. Sample Forms as annexed in the bidding documents

The specifications and other terms in the bidding documents shall reflect minimum requirements. A bidder may, therefore, be allowed to submit a superior offer. However, in the evaluation of the bids, no premium or bonus must be given as a result of this superior offer. This rule is based on the nature of the procedure used to evaluate the technical proposals – a ―pass/fail‖ method – such that the presence or absence of the technical requirements is the sole basis for determining technical compliance. After having established compliance with the technical specifications, the next factor to consider would then be the price or financial bid.

In addition to properly crafted Bidding Documents, what other practices may a Procuring Entity observe to ensure a successful procurement?

  • All prospective bidders should be provided the same information, and should be assured of equal opportunities to obtain additional information on a timely basis.
  • Procuring entities should provide reasonable access to project sites for visits by prospective bidders.
  • For complex supply contracts, particularly for those requiring refurbishing existing equipment, a pre-bid conference may be arranged whereby potential bidders may meet with the Procuring Entity‘s representatives to seek clarifications (in person or online). Minutes of the meeting/s should be provided to all prospective bidders (in hard copy or sent electronically).
  • Any additional information, clarification, correction of errors, or modifications of bidding documents should be sent to each recipient of the original bidding documents in sufficient time before the deadline for receipt of bids to enable bidders to take appropriate actions. If necessary, the deadline should be extended.
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