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Answer ALL questions by indicating the letter (A, B, C or D) that represents the correct answer. The paper is made up of fifty (50) multiple choice questions. Each question is allocated two (2) marks.

1. The computer memory used for temporary storage of data and program is known as?

D. EPROM (2 marks)

2. Which of the following statement is TRUE about impact printers?
Impact printers:

A. Are more expensive than laser printers
B. Use optical technology
C. Include ink jet and thermal devices
D. Strike a ribbon against the paper to produce character images (2 marks)

3. Which of the following is used by a typical modern computer?

A. More than 1000 vacuum tubes
B. Magnetic tapes
C. LSI chips
D. Magnetic cores (2 marks)

4. Which one of the following BEST describes Microsoft Word?

A. An operating system
B. A processing device
C. Application software
D. A database system (2 marks)

5. A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have one of the following. Which ONE?

A. Compiler
B. Loader
C. Operating system
D. Assembler (2 marks)

6. Select the term that represents attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from a computer by falsifying their identity.

A. Phishing trips
B. Computer viruses
C. Phishing scams
D. Spyware scams (2 marks)

7. Which of the following software applications would be the MOST appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations?

A. Database
B. Document Processor
C. Graphic Package
D. Spreadsheet (2 marks)

8. A CD-ROM is a semiconductor memory.

B. FALSE (2 marks)

9. A type of computer storage which stores or retains data after power goes off is known as?

A. Volatile storage
B. Non-volatile storage
C. Sequential storage
D. Direct storage (2 marks)

10. Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?

D. MAN (2 marks)

11. What characteristic of read-only memory (ROM) makes it useful?

A. ROM information can be easily updated
B. Data in ROM is nonvolatile, that is, it remains there even without electrical power
C. ROM provides very large amounts of inexpensive data storage
D. ROM chips are easily swapped between different brands of computers (2 marks)

12. Select from the list below the three basic physical equipment categories of microcomputer hardware.

A. Keyboard, monitor, hard drive
B. System unit, input/output, memory
C. System unit, input/output, secondary storage
D. System unit, primary storage, secondary storage (2 marks)

13. Suggest the type of outsourcing MOST commonly used for IT equipment.

A. Onshore
B. Offshore
C. Up shore
D. Down Shore (2 marks)

14. Identify the first step in system development lifecycle (SDLC) framework?

A. Feasibility Study
B. Requirement Gathering
C. Monitoring
D. System Analysis (2 marks)

15. Which of the following is NOT correct model in Software Development Paradigm?

A. Waterfall Model
B. P model
C. Spiral Model
D. V model (2 marks)

16. Which system development model is NOT suitable for accommodating changes?

A. Prototyping
B. Spiral Model
C. Waterfall Model
D. Agile (2 marks)

17. The _______________________________ can help you choose a product.

A. Office Automation System
B. Management Information System
C. Transaction Processing System
D. Decision support system (2 marks)

18. What is the major drawback of using RAD Model?

A. Highly specialised and skilled developers/designers are required
B. Increases reusability of components
C. Encourages customer/client feedback
D. Increases reusability of components, highly specialised and skilled developers/designers are required (2 marks)

19. Name the form of transaction processing in which all transactions are collected into a group and processed together.

A. Accumulation processing
B. Batch processing
C. Data collection
D. Data collection (2 marks)

20. Select from the list below the name of Internet service that enables a user to log on to another computer and access its public files.

A. Telnet
C. Content streaming
D. Instant messaging (2 marks)

21. Which of the following represents the application of information concepts and technology to routine, repetitive, and usually ordinary business transactions.

A. E-commerce
B. Transaction processing systems
C. Management information systems
D. Decision support systems (2 marks)

22. Which of the following statement is correct?

A. Modem is a software
B. Modem is the operating system
C. Modem helps in stabilizing the voltage
D. Modem converts the analog signal into digital signal and vice-versa (2 marks)

23. Which of the following can help you choose a product?

A. Office automation system
B. Management information system
C. Transaction Processing System
D. Decision Support System (2 marks)

24. Which of the following is a graphic representation of the modules in the system and the interconnection between them?

A. System chart
B. Structural chart
C. Flow chart
D. Pie chart (2 marks)

25. Which of the following is NOT one of the main components in a decision support system?

A. Model
B. Communication
C. Data
D. Dialogue (2 marks)

26. Select from the list below the statement that BEST describes Buy-side e-commerce.

A. The use of electronic communications for all business processes.
B. Any electronically mediated communication between an organisation and its stakeholders.
C. An organisation using electronic media to sell direct to its customers.
D. An organisation using electronic media to purchase from its suppliers. (2 marks)

27. Which of the following software development approach is NOT applicable to projects that demand continuous maintenance?

A. Agile development methodology.
B. DevOps deployment methodology
C. Waterfall development methodology
D. Rapid application development methodology (2 marks)

28. Select the type of information system that provide critical information for top management.

A. Expert
B. Executive
C. Decision
D. Managerial (2 marks)

29. How many arrows should come out of a decision symbol in a flowchart?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3 (2 marks)

30. Which of the following methods processes data immediately after a transaction occurs?

A. Batch
B. Parallel
C. Sequence
D. Real time (2 marks)

31. Which information system use the information technology to develop all features in the products?

A. Structure
B. Strategic
C. Systematic
D. Statistical (2 marks)

32. Outsourcing is a process of collaboration between two or more parties.

A. True
B. False (2 marks)

33. Identify the correct definition for ‘algorithm’.

A. A problem
B. A solution to a problem
C. The steps that are taken to solve a problem
D. The words to enter when typing (2 marks)

34. The payroll system in an organisation is an example of?

D. TPS (2 marks)

35. Which type of topology is best suited for large businesses which must carefully control and coordinate the operation of distributed branch outlets?

A. Ring
B. Local area
C. Hierarchical
D. Star (2 marks)

36. What kind of transmission medium is most appropriate to carry data in a computer network that is exposed to electrical interferences?

A. Unshielded twisted pair
B. Optical fiber
C. Coaxial cable
D. Microwave (2 marks)

37. A collection of hyperlinked documents on the internet is known as?

A. World Wide Web (WWW)
B. E-mail system
C. Mailing list
D. Hypertext markup language (2 marks)

38. Which one of the following would breach the integrity of a system?

A. Looking the room to prevent theft
B. Full access rights for all users
C. Fitting the system with an anti-theft device
D. Protecting the device against willful or accidental damage (2 marks)

39. Which software prevents the external access to a system?

A. Firewall
B. Gateway
C. Router
D. Virus checker (2 marks)

40. What is the name given to the rights of the owner of information to decide how much information is to be exchanged, shared or distributed?

A. Computer ethics
B. Intellectual property rights
C. Cyber law
D. Labour law (2 marks)

41. Consider the following:

1. Twisted pair cables
2. Microwaves and Satellite Signals
3. Repeaters
4. Analog Transmissions
5. Fiber optics

Which of the above is considered as signal transmission medium in data communications?
A. (1) and (5)
B. (1) and (2)
C. (1) (2) and (5)
D. (1) (2) (3) and (5) (2 marks)

42. In specific, if the systems use separate protocols, which one of the following devices is used to link two systems?

A. Repeater
B. Gateway
C. Bridge
D. Hub (2 marks)

43. It is an act of stealing (like copying, distributing, modifying, selling) of software that is legally protected.

A. Renting
B. Software Piracy
C. Copyright
D. Hacking (2 marks)

44. Which of the following is a main function of an electronic spreadsheet?

A. Formulas
B. Filing
C. Sorting
D. Heading (2 marks)

45. Which memory stores startup instructions for a computer?

A. Random access memory (RAM)
B. Read Only Memory (ROM)
C. Secondary memory
D. Central processing unit (CPU) (2 marks)

46. Select from the list below a primary feature of an operating system.

A. Virus scanning
B. File management
C. Creating databases
D. Web searching (2 marks)

47. Which of the following will NOT adversely affect the use of a computer?

A. Virus
B. Worm
C. Firewall
D. Trojan Horse (2 marks)

48. Select the technology that was predominant in the third generation of computers.

A. Vacuum Tube
B. Transistor
C. Integrated Circuit
D. Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Circuit (2 marks)

49. Under which of the following categories is a laptop computer classified?

A. Microcomputer
B. Minicomputer
C. Mainframe
D. Supercomputer (2 marks)

50. Which of the following are components of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a computer?

A. Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), Control Unit
B. Arithmetic and Logic Unit, Secondary Storage
C. Control Unit, Main Memory
D. Main Memory, Secondary Storage (2 marks)

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