Mangers make decisions to solve problems and information is used in making the decisions.
Information is presented in both oral and written forms by an information processor.
It contains each of the computer based application areas:-Accounting Information System (AIS), Management Information System (MIS), Decision Support System (DSS), Office Automation (OA) and Expert System (ES).
The term computer based information system (CBIS) is used to describe the five subsystems that utilize the computer.
 All of the CBIS sub-system provides information for problem solving.
Each CBIS subsystem can support quality management. These are external customers that exist outside the firm. Information services interfaces with these external customers by means of the AIS. Much of the external customer’s perception of the firm is based on the capabilities of the AIS to execute orders promptly and accurately. Hence, information system has a direct influence on the firm’s product and service quality. IS also provides an indirect
influence by providing information to users inside the firm.
These are internal customers and they exist on all organizational levels and in all functional areas. The information enables these internal customers to do their jobs better, resulting in better products and services. In addition, the standard financial reports produced by AIS, such as the income statement and cost analyses, serve as a scorecard of the quality effort, reporting cost of rework, scarp customer returns, warranty claims and so on. Fig. shows each of these subsystems which provide information to be used in quality management.


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