Communication Skills ands Ethics in Information Systems APRIL 2022 PAST PAPER

1. Which of the following is a communication skill
a) Talking while someone is talking
b) Listening to what people say
c) Putting fingers in the ears
d) Looking outside the window
(Ans b – Listening to what people say)

2. Which of the following is not a way of gaining the audience attention
a) Narrative
b) Quotation
c) Illustration
d) Walking
(Ans d – Walking)

3. The best communication channel for Persuasive communication is
a) Face – to – Face
b) Telephone call
c) An E-mail
d) A Report
(Ans A – Face – to – Face )

4. One of the following is not a principle of communication
a) Is Irreversible
b) Is Complicated
c) Is learnable
d) Is inescapable
(Ans C – Is learnable)

5. ___ means communication without words
a) Object communication
b) Written communication
c) Oral communication
d) Non-verbal communication
Ans: d) Non-verbal communication.

6. The most important aspect of style in a language is                                                                                      a) Alphabets
b) Articles
c) Punctuation
d) nouns
Ans: C) punctuation

7. Back straight, and arms and legs uncrossed, indicates a ___ posture.                                                                                                                 a) Closed
b) Tensed
c) Open
d) Relaxed
Ans: C) Open

8. Teach, Design, Tell a story and play is __
a) Involve your Audience
b) Introduce the presentation
c) Attract audience attention
d) Close the presentation
Ans: a) Involve your Audience

9. __________in not used guidelines for constructing pie charts                                                                                                                          a) Label each slide
b) Exploding the slide
c) Positioning slides
d) Slide legibility
Ans: d) Slide legibility

10. One of the following is A part of a letter
a) The Attention line
b) Length of a letter
c) Use of Sentences
d) Punctuations marks
Ans: a) The Attention line

11. At each stage in the process of communication, there is a form interference which hinders the process. Such interference is known as ___
a) Sender
b) Receiver
c) Barrier
d) Channel
Ans: C) Barrier

12. The interviewer can judge the behavior of a candidate according to
a) Presentation
b) Intelligence
c) Socialization
d) Dressing                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ans: a) Presentation

13. Which of these is not step in the listening process
a) To stop talking
b) Misinterpreting
c) Receiving
d) Responding
Ans: b) Misinterpreting

14. Which of these should be avoided for effective listening
a) Pre-listening analysis
b) Listening to structured talks
c) Team listening
d) Trying to Predict
Ans: d) Trying to Predict

15. The three elements of presentation do not include?                                                                                                                                                a) An audience
b) Specific content
c) Visual Aids
d) A presenter
Ans: d) Presenter

16. The three elements of Press Release do not include?
a) Announce something of value
b) It is a form of public relations
c) Help organization gain visibility
d) Launching of new products
Ans: b) It is a form of public relations

17. A report can be one of the following types
a) Routine
b) Research
c) Transmittal
d) Structure
Ans: a) Presentation

18. During presentation in front of an audience you should do all of the following except for__?
a) Speak loud and clear
b) Provide handout if needed
c) Dress professionally
d) Look at your screen not the audience
Ans: d) look at your screen not the audience

19. Which of these should be avoided while note talking
a) Concentration
b) Evaluation
c) Listening
d) Using phrases
Ans: d) Using phrases

20. The main goal of tables used in Visual aids for technical written documents is to eliminate
a) Repetition of words
b) Mistaken Words
c) Highlighting of words
d) Misunderstanding
Ans: a) Repetition of words

21. Which of the following is a type of non-verbal communication?
a) Letter
b) Body Language
c) Telephone Calls
d) Email
Ans: b) Body Language

22. One of the following is a limitation of oral communication
a) Allows instantaneous feedback
b) Doesn’t retain evidence
c) Use with non-verbal clues
d) Attention of the listener
Ans: b) Doesn’t retain evidence

23. The three characteristics of Voice
a) Tone
b) Volume
c) Accuracy
d) Pitch
Ans: c) Accuracy

24. The purpose of writing is
a) Time consuming
b) Avoid Mistakes
c) Future reference
d) Legal Requirements
Ans: c) Accuracy

25. ________is a characteristic of a Paragraph
a) Rewriting
b) Sincerity
c) Conversation
d) Length
Ans: d) Length

26. Memorandum (memos) may be used for any official communication. Usually, memos are used for?
a) Organization of the material.
b) For conveying schedule message
c) Factual information to management
d) Making an outline of issues
Ans: b) For conveying schedule message

27. The three objectives of meeting do not include?
a) It is a routine company practice
b) To get feedback from the members
c) To resolve conflicts and confusion
d) To understand the situation.
Ans: a) It is a routine company practice

28. A notice of a general meeting includes the following contents except?
a) Time and Date
b) Any other business
c) Place of Meeting
d) Nature of business
Ans: b) Any other business

29. The Secretary is responsible for ensuring meetings are effectively organized and minute taken but not
a) Circulating approved minutes
b) Receiving the agenda items
c) Calling meeting to order
d) Circulating meeting Agendas
Ans: c) Calling meeting to order

30. The purpose of writing minutes is
a) Meeting cannot be held without Minutes
b) Is within the scope of the meeting
c) To conduct the meeting smoothly
d) Serves as the record of discussion                                                                                                                                                                            Ans: d) Serve as the record of discussion

31. Types of business meetings do not include?
a) Team building meetings
b) Client review meeting                                                                                                                                                                                                      c) Innovation meetings
d) Status update meetings
Ans: b) Client review meeting

32. The extraordinary general meeting may be called in the following way
a) On the requisition of the shareholders
b) The company business is declining
c) On recommendation by the director
d) Employees feel such a meeting is due
Ans: a) On the requisition of the shareholders

33. Which among the following is not a key concern when designing a good presentation,
a) Length of presentation
b) Humor to use.
c) Presentation style
d) Cost of the presentation
Ans: d) Cost of the presentation.

34. Which one of the following is not types of advanced visual aid?
a) Posters
b) Flip Charts.
c) MS Office
d) Overhead Projectors
Ans: c) Ms Office

35. The three elements of presentation do not include?
a) The Venue
b) The Computer.
c) The Organiser
d) The Occasion
Ans: b) The Computer

36. The following statements indicates the purpose of introduction part in a report. Which one is not?
a) Historical and technical background
b) Scope of study, specifying limitation
c) The Summarizing of the findings gaps
d) Definitions of special terms and symbols.
Ans: c) The Summarizing of the findings gaps

37. Which of the following identifies the characteristics of a good report?
a) Reader-oriented
b) Editable
c) Up-to-date
d) Comprehensive
Ans: a) Reader-oriented

38. The three factors to be kept in mind while considering the tone of the memorandum do not include?
a) Reader of the memo
b) Memo subject-matter
c) Company in house style
d) Position of the writer
Ans: d) Position of the writer

39. Which One is not a category of Ethics as per modern Philosophy?
a) Metaethics
b) Normative ethics
c) Pro ethics
d) Applied ethics
Ans: C) Pro ethics

40. Which of the following must you use to access the Internet?
a) Taskbar
b) Notification Area
c) Microsoft Paint
d) Web Browser
Ans: d) Web Browser

41. _________Is not a good practice during presentation
a) Be formally dressed
b) Standing comfortably.
c) Relaxing your face
d) Speak in one tone
Ans: d) Speak in one tone

42. The Importance of No-Verbal communication is
a) Has no gender difference
b) Lengthens the message passed
c) Substitute the verbal message
d) Display less emotion in Message
Ans: c) Substitute the verbal message

43. Proxemics is
a) No invading others space
b) Nearness to the answer
c) Being approximate in answer
d) Communication using space
Ans: d) Communication using space

44. The three elements of presentation do not include?
a) Stock price Information
b) Corporate Governance
c) Audience Analysis
d) Organization Outlook
Ans: c) Audience Analysis

45. A copy of the agenda must be sent to the members along with the agenda of the meeting. The following points are necessary to keep in mind while drafting the agenda except one?
a) Agenda to be out of the scope of meeting
b) Agenda should be in a summary form.
c) Routine Agenda items should be put first
d) Agenda should be clear and explicit                                                                                                                                                                        Ans: a) Agenda to be out of the scope of meeting

46. The minutes of a meeting minutes are the official records of the proceedings of the meeting. They must contain the following information except one?
a) A list of those who did or apologies were received.
b) A list of name of those who attended the meeting.
c) A clear record of the decision reached/resolution
d Decision within the power of the committee
Ans: d) Decision within the power of the committee

47. __________ is an advantages of networking                                                                                                                                                        a) People can share information freely
b) Computer networking can be addictive.
c) Lack of policing on a computer network
d Disruptions can occur more frequently
Ans: a) People can share information freely

48. Only __________ is type of minutes
a) Brief Minutes
b) Minute of apologies
c) Minute of attendance
d) Minutes of Narration
Ans: d) Minutes of Narration

49. A resolution is
a) Short Sentence
b) Adopted Motion
c) An affirmation
d) A condition
Ans: d) Minutes of Narration

50. A circular issued by a business to its customers to notify or convey certain things or for their perusal is called
a) A customer Circular
b) A trade circular
c) A notice circular
d) A common circular
Ans: b) A trade circular

51. The following are the situations that need circulars to be sent but not
a) To persuade customers
b) Introduction of a new product
c) Opening of a new branch
d) When Increasing the price
Ans: a) To persuade customers

52. _______________is not a disadvantages of videoconferencing
a) Technology issues
b) Facility issues                                                                                                                                                                                                                     c) Eye contact
d) Reaches Everywhere
Ans: d) Reaches Everywhere

53. Which of the following is a component of Videoconferencing System
a) Cellular Phone
b) WhatsApp
c) Data transfer
d) Email address
Ans: c) Data transfer

54. ___________________ is called Spam
a) Unsolicited Message
b) Lengthy Email
c) Crowded inbox
d) Type of a virus
Ans: a) Unsolicited Message

55. Answering machine stored telecommunication voice messages are known as
a) Lead voice
b) Voicemail
c) Voice record
d) Tonal voice
Ans: b) Voicemail

56. The following are limitations of a computer except
a) Have Larger storage capacity
b) Requires a trained personnel
c) Cannot think on their own
d) Cannot learn by experience
Ans: a) Have Larger storage capacity

57. _______________A direct extension line from the main line of telephone system
a) intranet                                                                                                                                                                                                                               b) internet
c) Intercom
d) Network
Ans: c) Intercom

58. ___________is not the main objectives for using communication tools
a) Clarifying and condensing information
b) Avoiding long communication
c) Maintaining secrecy of information
d) Developing quality of the messages
Ans: b) Avoiding long communication

59. Courtesy is
a) Not vague and obscure use of Message
b) Use of familiar words, and short sentences
c) Avoiding needless filler words and phrases
d) Message use of Polite words and gestures
Ans: d) Message use of Polite words and gestures

60. Grapevine is also referred to as
a) Chain
b) Rumor
c) channel
d) Sender
Ans: b) Rumor

61. The diagonal communication has advantage of
a) Resolves interpersonal problems
b) Creates transparent environment
c) Softens rigid command structure
d) Request for various assistance
Ans: c) Softens the rigid command structure

62. ______________ is a limitation of formal communication.
a) Time-consuming
b) wrong gestures
c) Large audiences.
d) Unclear projection                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ans: a) Time-consuming

63. ______________ is not a forms Communications
a) Business communication
b) Written communication
c) Oral communication
d) Non-verbal communication
Ans: a) Business communication

64. The following are about capabilities of Social Media Apps, except
a) Symbol set
b) Rehearse ability
c)reprocess ability
d) The classification
Ans: d) The classification

65. Presenting someone else’s words or other creative product as your own is known as
a) Quoting
b) Plagiarism
c) Copying
d) Citing
Ans: b) Plagiarism

66. One among the following is not an ethical principle applied in making ethical choices across cultures
a) Actively seek mutual ground
b) Respect for cultural differences
c) Send messages to known people
d) Send messages that are honest
Ans: c) Send messages to known people

67. Effective intercultural communication starts with efforts to avoid
a) Stereotyping
b) Silence
c) Ambiguity
d) Clarity                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ans: a) Stereotyping

68. A situation in which people receive more information than they can effectively process is
a) Over messaging
b) Over communicating
c) Information overload
d) Unethical Communication
Ans: c) Information overload

69. The transfer of information or power between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical
conductor is known as
a) Roaming transfer
b) Mobile Communication
c) Wireless communication
d) Digital communication
Ans: c) Wireless communication

70. One of the following is not an advantage of Wi Fi
a) Mobility
b) Interference
c) Expandability
d) Convenience
Ans: b) Interference

71. __________ Is not a social media website
a) Facebook
b) Twitter
c) LinkedIn
d) Telegram
Ans: d) Telegram

72. Which of the following is not a Content of a curriculum vitae – CV
a) Experience
b Career objectives                                                                                                                                                                                                                c) Personal details
d) Introduction
Ans: d) Introduction

73. Which of the following is not an objective of carrying out a meeting?
a) To understand the situation
b Get feedback from the members.
c) Resolve conflicts and confusions
d) To give warning letters to staff
Ans: d) To give warning letters to staff

74. Which of the following is a type of case study methodology?
a) Illustrative case study
b) Causal Case study.
c) Logical case study
d) Experimental case study
Ans: a) Illustrative case study

75. Which of the following is not a form of a letter presentation
a) Indented Form
b) Full Blocked Form
c) NOMA Form,
d) Memo Form
Ans: D) Memo Form

76. Voices possess certain characteristics. Which of the following is a characteristic of a voice?
a) Volume
b) Speed
c) Tone
d) Pitch
Ans: b) Speed

77. Which of the following highlights one of the major parts of a report
a) End Matters
b) Recommendations.                                                                                                                                                                                                           c) Conclusions
d) Title page
Ans: a) End Matters

78. The following are advantages of Intranet except one.
a) Increases productivity and efficiency level of employees
b) Cuts corporate communication cost up to 60 percent.
c) Downloading articles and other materials of our interest
d) Sending messages through internet across the globe                                                                                                                                          Ans: d) Sending messages through internet across the globe

79. Which of the following is not an unconscious body movement?
a) Biological
b) Habitual.
c) Cultural
d) Social
Ans: d) Social

80. Which of the following is not an example of gesture
a) Thumb and finger rub
b) Running Position
b) Hand to face.
d) Sitting position                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ans: b) Running Position

81. Non-verbal communication refers to the type of communication that
a) type of communication that uses words
b) communication which occurs with the help of words
c) type of communication that does not use words
d) type of communication that has no personal bias                                                                                                                                                Ans: c) type of communication that does not use words

82. _________ is not a disadvantage of oral communication
a) It allows instantaneous feedback:
b) More prone to physical noise
c) Inappropriate for controversial matters
d) Serious deliberation is not possible
Ans: a) It allows instantaneous feedback

83. Which of the following is not part of introduction section of a report
a) Definitions of terms and symbols,
b) Findings of the report study
c) Authorization and terms of reference
d) Historical and technical background
Ans: b) Findings of the study

84. ________is a characteristic of a good press release
a) Should not be suitable for publication
b) For getting feedback from the members.
c) The release should be brief and precise
d) The release should not be factually true
Ans: c) The release should be brief and precise

85. The frequent causes of problems in Information Technology – IT projects is not about
a) Customer change of Project scope
b) Poor communication with customer
c) Making a thorough reference check
d) Customer failure to reveal information
Ans: C) Making a thorough reference check

86. An infringement that involves making copies of software which one is not entitled is known as
a) Software Piracy
b) Downloading
c) Software conflict
d) Copyrighting
Ans: a) Software Piracy

87. Ethical challenges facing the tech industry does not include the following?
a) Ownership of customer data
b) Privacy of customer information
c) The Customer Data insecurity
d) The accuracy and controls
Ans: c) The Customer Data insecurity

88. _________ is not an approach to resolve ethical dilemmas
a) Refuting the dilemma logically at times
b) Alternatives offering greater good or lesser evil.
c) Finding alternative solutions for problems
d) Punishing the parties on the wrong
Ans: d) Punishing the parties on the wrong

89. The following are ways in which we can protect data integrity except?
a) Not Archiving data
b) Business continuity
c) Being Accurate
d) Changing controls
Ans: a) Not Archiving data

90. _________ the act of fraudulently using email to try to get the recipient to reveal personal data
a) Worms
b) Trojan Horses
c) Phishing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                d) Rootkit
Ans: c) Phishing

91. One method used to reduce the potential for attacks from computer virus is
a) Undertake to educate their customers
b) Perform a thorough background check
c) Bring your own computer when working
d) increasing software Complexity frequently
Ans: b) Perform a thorough background check

92. Efforts directed toward the efficient design, manufacture, operation, and disposal of IT-related products is
known as
a) Computer Dumping
b) Computer disposal
c) Telecommuting
d) Green Computing
Ans: d) Green Computing

93. _________ the harassment, torment, humiliation, or threatening of one minor by another or group of minors via the Internet or cell phone
a) Cyberbullying
b) cybersquat
c) Smishing
d) Cyberstalking
Ans: a) Cyberbullying

94. An agreement that prohibits an employee from working for any competitors for a period of time is known as
a) A privacy agreement
b) A noncompete agreement
c) A reasonable assurance
d) A security policy
Ans: b) A noncompete agreement

95. Choose the action that has the best overall consequences for all people who are directly or indirectly affected is
a) Benefit approach
b) Virtue Approach                                                                                                                                                                                                                  c) Utilitarian approach
d) Right approach
Ans: c) Utilitarian approach

96. _________ is a method within the development cycle designed to guarantee reliable operation of an Information Technology product
a) System safety
b) Capability Maturity
c) Quality Assurance
d) Effects analysis
Ans: c) Quality Assurance

97. Which of the following entails an ethical practice in technology?
a) The moral use of data and resources
b) Disrespecting employees and customers
c) Not having a culture of responsibility
d) A disruptive technology irresponsibly
Ans: a) Moral use of data and resources

98. ———— is an agreement between two or more parties that forbids the unauthorized release of sensitive information.                    a) Binding Contract
b) Non-Disclosure agreement
c) Cognitive Contract
d) Code of Ethics
Ans: b) Non-Disclosure agreement

99. Importance of ethical issues in Information Technology include the following except one?
a) Information Misuse
b) The Misinformation
c) Lack of Oversight
d) using New technology
Ans: d) Using new technology

100.The use of illegal means to obtain business information is
a) Industrial espionage
b) Competitive intelligence                                                                                                                                                                                                  c) Software intelligence
d) Patent infringement                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ans: a) Industrial espionage

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