Common Challenges faced by Procurement and Supply Managers

1. Supplier-related issues
Finding and qualifying suppliers was one of the most frequent responses in this category. Other common themes included difficulty maintaining a stable supply while meeting high quality standards and monitoring supplier performance over time whether it‘s finding the right suppliers to buy from or getting them to perform as expected. The biggest procurement evaluating them is also is a
challenge is getting suppliers to do what they say they will do. Getting right suppliers and

2. Reducing supply chain costs and achieving savings
It‘s really no surprise that this problem ranks in the top three. Lowering costs continues to be a primary procurement mandate. One of the main struggles procurement professionals have in this arena is maintaining cost savings year after year.

3. Going digital and keeping up with technology

4. Accurate data
Miss match between ERP‘s and reality mostly in inventory.

5. Handling Inventory

6. Risk mitigation (including managing sole supplier contracts, reducing maverick spend, and dealing with compliance issues)

7. Finding the right tools

8. Recruiting, retaining, and training talent

9. Time (both lead time issues and limited time for sourcing)

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