Clearly describe the services rendered by wholesalers to growers, producers and manufacturers

Services rendered by wholesalers to growers, producers & manufacturers.

  • Market to purchase all their products, providing warehousing in preparation for subsequent distribution to retailers.
  • Provision of transport services: often packing for despatches of the goods:  prompt settlement:  display and advertising of the product.
  • Link with retailers and consumers’ demands to facilitate production in anticipation of demand and with fore knowledge of changes in consumers’ selection, taste and requirements.
  • Relieves the suppliers off the problem of finding diverse markets, finance and storage problems.
  • Provides for further services necessary in preparation for retail marketing eg. Grading, blending, refining, etc
  • Fulfils the manufacturers’ needs for a steady supply of raw materials or semi – finished goods to ensure continuity of his production lines.

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