Insurance contracts may be classified on the basis of:-
1. The event insured: The category of insurance derives its name from the event, burglary, marine, fidelity, motor etc.
2. The Interest Insured: The classification places contracts in 3 categories namely: –
a. Personal Insurance e.g. Life Insurance
b. Property Insurance
c. Liability Insuring e.g. NSSF, NHIF, 3rd Party Motor Insurance

3. Nature of the Contract: –
a. Indemnity
b. Non-Indemnity
Indemnity is a contract whereby the insured takes out a policy on the understanding that when loss occurs he will be compensated for the loss. This is property insurance e.g. Fire, burglary, marine.
Non-Indemnity contract is a contract whereby a party known as the insured takes outa policy to secure the payment of a sum of certain in money when risk attaches e.g. life insurance.
6. Whether Private or Social: private insurance is optional while voluntary, social or compulsory insurance is a statutory requirement e.g. 3rd party Motor Insurance.
7. Basis of the Programme:
a. Insurance
b. Reinsurance: This is a contract in which an insurer insures himself with re-insurer against the risks he has insured against. It may be voluntary or compulsory.

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