Characteristics of a project

1. Specific Objectives: The three generic objectives of a project are

  • Time-determined by the schedule of activities
  • Cost-determined by the budget
  • Quality-determined by the specification of customers

Projects should meet the requirements/specifications of the stakeholders. Stakeholders include:-beneficiaries, financiers, implementers, victims of the project. (For example Titanium in Kwale- if mining activities has to displace some people)
2. Limited Life Span i.e. it is temporal
3. Single Entity i.e. it is a stand-alone. It comes up to specific product.
4. Relies on Teamwork: Implemented by teams
5. Follows a Specific Life Cycle
6. Unique i.e. no two projects are the same. Even when undertaking a similar project, the achieve project provides a template.
7. Keep Changing i.e. projects keep changing depending on circumstances. Thus they must be adaptable.
8. Projects Are Made To Order: Unlike operations where one produces and then look 4 customers.
9. Have High Level of Risk and Uncertainty

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