The office may be defined as any place set aside for work of a clerical nature. The office may consist of a room or a building which is used for the of a clerical, administrative or communicative nature. Its purpose is to serve as an administrative  centre of an organization comprising of departments offices responsible for their respective functions.

Functions of an office

1.Basic functions

-Receiving information

-Recording information

-preparing and arranging information

-Giving information

2.Administrative functions

-Form design and control

-Selection and purchase of office appliances

-Personnel functions

-Safeguarding the assets

-Planning schemes and policies

-Maintenance of records
-Controlling of office  costs

-Development of office system and procedures

-Public relations


-Offer valuable service to all other departments

-As a formation or memory centre

-As an intermediary

-As  a coordinator

-As a  administrative nerve center

-As control centre

The office manager

Is the title given to the person in charge with responsibility to run the office.

Duties of an office manager

  • Ensures the smooth flow of work in the office
  • Chooses or advises on choosing machines and other assets required in the office
  • Trains the office staff
  • Advise top management of matters relating to office
  • Fights for the wellbeing (welfare) promotions etc. of the employees
  • Draws up or assists in drawing up, plans policies, relating to the running of the office
  • Motivates the staff towards realization of the company’s objectives

Characteristics/qualities of office manager

  • Leadership
  • Sound judgment
  • Methodical
  • Communicator
  • Strong character
  • Discipline
  • Politeness
  • Forward looking

Qualities of an office worker personnel

The office staff must have some qualities to perform their duties more effectively and successfully. The main qualities of an office workers may be classified as under.


  • Good hygiene
  • Attractive personality
  • Personnel interests
  • Qualification/training

2-Office etiquette- Office etiquette means the code of professional conduct or social behavior

  • Honest and loyal to his organization
  • Should be well disciplined
  • Behave with fellow office workers and customer in a polite and respectable way
  • Should give due respect to his seniors
  • Should be punctual and regular

Clerical activities

These include keeping records, preparing accounts .These kind of work in many office can be generally classified as


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