Categories of persons eligible to be naturalized as citizens in Kenya

Under section 93 (1) of the Constitution, any foreigner desirous of becoming a citizen of Kenya may apply to the minister for naturalization. The constitution prescribes the
minimum conditions an applicant must fulfill. The minister must be satisfied that the applicant:

  1. Has attained the age of 21.
  2. Is of good character.
  3. Has adequate knowledge of the Kiswahili language.
  4. Intends to continue residing in Kenya if naturalized.
  5. Has been ordinarily and lawfully resident in Kenya for 12 months immediately preceding the application.
  6. Has been ordinarily and lawfully resident in Kenya for a period of 4 years or for periods amounting in the aggregate to not less than 4 years during the 7 years immediately preceding the 12 months.
  7. The minister may thereupon grant the applicant a certificate of naturalization.
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