1. The labour relations in Mezut Ltd has been deteriorating progressively in the recent past. Explain to the management the benefits to the organizatiorn of maintaining good labour relations. “(10 marks)

2. There are some limitations associated with office organization manuals in spite of their importance to the operational efficiency of an organization. Highlight these limitations. (10 marks)

3. The employees of XYZ Limited have been airing their grievances to the management for a long time without any meaningful response from the management. Explain to them the negotiation procedure that they may follow in an attempt to address their issues formally. (12 marks)

4.Work measurement is an important tool for exercising effective control in an organization. Explain the reasons why carrying out work measurement may be challenging. (8 marks)

5.One of the sources of business finance is equity. . Explain the salient features of this source of finance. ; (10 marks)
6.There is an increasing awareness among business enterprises from all sectors of their social responsibilities.

7.Explain the factors that may account for this trend. (10 marks)

8.The management of Nawiri Limited is planning to conduct an organization and Method (O & M) study as a way of improving their procedures and methods. Identify the operational issues that may be considered as the subject of the study.  (12 marks)

9.Mr. Kamunzu intends to start up a private business. He has approached you, as a business consultant to advise him on the criteria he should use in selecting an ideal investment. Advise him on the criteria to use. os pyges (8 marks)

10.The management of ABC Ltd intends to carry out a work measurement exercise. Explain to them the methods they may use in doing so. : (10 marks)

11.There are certain objectives that business organization’s aim to achieve. Explain these objectives. (10 marks)

12.Explain the roles that the Organization and Method (O & M) personnel may be required_ to play in the implementation phase of a work study proposal. (10 marks)

13.You have been requested by Elimu University to give a public lecture on “Multinational Companies.” Explain the features of such companies that you would highlight in your lecture. (10 marks)

14.Many local banks have been engaging in business expansion initiatives. Explain the reasons that may justify such a move. (10 marks)

15.There are some guidelines that should guide the Organization and Method (O & M) team in fostering efficiency and effectiveness in their company. Outline these principles. (10 marks)


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