Business Calculations November 2011 Knec Past Paper

SECTION A(40 marks)
Answer ALL questions in this Section in the spaces provided.
I: Ali bought a T.V set for Ksh. 34,500. He later sold it for Ksh. 53,400. Calculate the Mark-up: (2 marks)
2. 36 masons build a wall in 45 days. Calculate the number of days that 30 masons would take to build the same wall. (2 marks)
3: A shopkeeper bought two 90 kg bags of maize at Ksh 2,375 per bag. He sold all the maize in 2 kg tins at Ksh. 65 per tin. Calculate his profit. (2 marks)

5: A rectangular container has a base of 70 cm by 50 cm. The container holds 30 litres of water when  full. Calculate the height of the container in centimetres. (2 marks)
6. The table below shows Jane’s marks in an examination. Subject Maths History English | Science | Music Marks out of 20 © 16 12 10 14 8
Determine the size of the angle that would represent history in a pie chart. (2 marks)

7. Jane deposited Ksh. 65,000 at a simple interest rate of 12% per annum for n years. She received Ksh. 7,800 as interest. Calculate the value of n.

8. A car was travelling at a speed of 72 kiw/h: Calculate its speed in metres per second.

9. Allan bought 3+ kg of sugar at Ksh. 110 per kg, 3 kg of cooking fat at Ksh. 95 per kg, 5 loaves of bread at Ksh. 36 per loaf and a packet of maize flour at Ksh. 95.50. He gave the shopkeeper _ Ksh. 1,000. Calculate his balance.

10. Abdi is a mechanic and he is paid at a flat rate of Ksh 550 for eve of December 2010, he repaired 35 cars. monthly car cecal In the month If the tax rate was 15%, calculate his net pay for the month.

11. In an end year examinations, Peter scored a total of 720 marks. His average mark was 80. Determine the number of subjects he sat for.

12. A product has a price of £.4.4 per kg. Calculate the mass in kg of the product bought at $354, Take 1£ = $ 1.57.

13. -Convert 6,595 milligrams into grammes.

14. Determine the median for the following data. 22, 18,23, 16, 20,24

15.A water authority charges for water as follows:
– A fixed charge of Ksh. 75

Ksh. 2350 per unit consumed

Determine the bill for a household that consumed 60 units in one month.
(2 marks)
16. The following diagram represents the shape of a piece of land.

17. Outline two features of a good graph.

18. A motor vehicle was bought for Ksh. 950,000. It has estimated life of 6 years and a residual value of Ksh. 140,000,: Determine the depreciation per year using the Straight method.

SECTION B (60 marks)
In this section in the answer booklet provided.
21. (a) A salesman driving in Nakuru at 12,00 for 30 minutes and at 5.30 pm. i to Nakuru started his journey at 9.00 am. pm, after travelling for a distance of 165 km. He résted
left for Eldoret. He drove at the same speed and arrived He arrived in Nakuru in Eldoret Calculate the total distance that he travelled. of petrol for every 40 km. ‘One litre of petrol costs Ksh. 99.50. Calculate the amount he spent on petrol for the joumey. (6 marks)
Cylindrical tin has a total surface area of 924 cm2. It has a height that is twice te the capacity of the tin in litres. (Take = 2), (7 marks)
{a) A salesman earns a basic salary of Ksh. 8,500 per month. In addition, he earns commission as follows:.

no commission on the first Ksh. 20,000 sales
5% on the next Ksh. 20,000 of sales
25% on sales in excess of Ksh. 40,000
10, his total earnings were Ksh. 25,500. Calculate the
total sales he made in the month of December 2010. (6 marks)
(b) The marked price of a refrigerator is Ksh. 54,000. When bought on cash, a 10% discount is offered. On hire purchase terms, a customer pays a deposit of 10% of the marked price and 12 equal monthly instalments of Ksh. 5,500. Halima bought the refrigerator in cash terms while Onyango bought a similar one on hire purchase terms.
(i) amount paid by Halima;
(ii) amount paid by Onyango;
(iii) the hire purchase interest.

(a) Mary deposited Ksh. 75,000 in a bank which offers simple interest at the rate of 12% per annum. At the end of the first year, she withdrew Ksh. 8,560 from the account and
he balance in the account for another two years. Calculate the amount of money which was in the bank at the end of the 3″ year. (6 marks)


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