INSTRUCTIONS: Answer all questions in Section A and any other TWO questions
in Section B.

SECTION A (30 Marks)
The project addresses the information required by LAX hotel to book rooms and clears
the bills of customers. The hotel has decided to computerize room booking and customer
checkout formalities. The hotel has various types of rooms. It wants to allow booking
online through the internet besides normal booking by phone, letter and also spot booking
on arrival of the customer. The hotel management is willing to invest in a PC with
internet connection. It is also willing to train the staff at the reception desk to handle
computerized booking. It is unwilling to invest in a local network in the hotel, which
would allow on-line updating of customer charges. Customer bills are sent from
restaurant, laundry etc to the reception desk accountant for manual updating of accounts.
Since the hotel is small with only 177 rooms, this is feasible.
Use your knowledge of Analysis and design of Information Systems to answer the
following questions.
a) i) As the Systems Analyst on this project, why would it be necessary to conduct
a feasibility analysis? [2 Marks]
ii) Briefly describe the major components of the Terms of Reference (TOR)
document you would share with the management of LAX hotel as you plan for
implementation. [5 Marks]
b) i) Which 3 key persons at the hotel would be relevant respondents during
requirements elicitation and why? [3 Marks]
ii) What would be the relevance of using the PIECES framework when analysing
the elicited requirements for LAX hotel? [2 Marks]
c) i) Identify 2 requirements you would consider as functional for the booking
system. [2 Marks]
ii) Briefly describe the techniques that could be used to specify or describe the
logic of the processes of the booking system. [3 Marks]
d) At the design phase, write down any two key objectives that would guide your
choice of system design? [2 Marks]
ii) How would an Entity Relationship Diagram help to represent business rules
for the system in operation? [2 Marks]
e) Describe any three approaches you would have to choose from, for a conversion
strategy to aid the transition to the automated hotel booking system for LAX?
[3 Marks]
ii) Why would it be important for the development team to conduct system
testing? [2 Marks]
f) i) Give any 2 reasons as to why maintenance of the booking system would be
necessary. [2 Marks]
ii) As the project manager on this system project, give any two functions you
would bear. [2Marks]
SECTION B: Answer ONLY Two (02) Questions
Study the Decision table below showing: “the process that is adhered to when trouble
shooting any printer in an organization” and answer the questions that follow: where Y=
Yes , N=No and X = actions

i) Explain how the system analyst can use the decision table illustrated above to
trouble shoot any printer. (4 Marks)
ii) How would the system analyst represent the above information using a decision
tree? [4 Marks]
iii) Compare and contrast the information in the Decision tree and Decision table
towards effective process specification analysis. [6Marks]
iv) Would the use of the following process specification techniques help in
specification of the above case scenario? Justify your answers.
a) Action Diagram? [3 marks]
b) Structured English [3 Marks]
Assume that a new Mololine Bus Company has approached you for computerizing their
bus reservation system for various destinations originating from the City center. The
Company currently has about 1000 buses spread over 60 routes operating from the city
center to various places. Of them, 700 are regular, 200 are semi-luxury, and the
remaining are super deluxe buses. The seating capacity is 48, 42 and 36, respectively.
The Company would like to have at least one week advance reservation. The passenger
details required for the reservation are: be date of journey, starting point, destination,
number of seats (half or full), concession required if any, route number and departure
time of the service. If seats are available, your system should be able to provide enquiry
services in a variety of ways to help the passenger make a decision.
i) What would be your role as the Systems Analyst assigned on this project?
[ 5 Marks]
ii) As a system analyst, advise the Mololine Bus Company on the approach you
would adopt to implement a successful system. [ 5 Marks]
iii) How would identification of the boundary of the bus reservation system help the:
a) System Analyst [1 mark]
b) System Designer [1 mark]
c) System Developer. [1 mark]
d) End-User Department [1 mark]
iv) What would be the purpose of carrying out the following tasks for the
development of the bus reservation system?
a) Preliminary Investigation [3 marks]
b) Technical feasibility [3 Marks]
When customers want to add a new car to their insurance policy, they call an insurance
clerk at Best Insurance Company. The customer cites his/her policy number. The clerk
enters this information, and the system displays the basic insurance policy. The clerk
checks the information to make sure the premiums are current and the policy is in force.
The customer gives the make, model, year, and vehicle identification number (VIN) of
the car to be added. The clerk enters this information, and the system validates that the
given data is valid. Next the customer selects the types of coverage desired and the
amount of each. The clerk enters the information, and the system records it and validates
the requested amount against the policy limits. At the end of the process, the system
updates the policy, calculates a new premium amount, and prints out the updated policy
statement to be mailed to the policy owner.
i) Given the above narrative, draw a context diagram for the car insurance system.
[8 Marks]
ii) How can the system analyst best represent the structured analysis for Best
Insurance Company according to :
a) The System Process [4 Marks]
b) Logic and timing [4 Marks]
c) Data [4 Marks]
The KCA library orders books from one or more book suppliers. Each order contains
quantity of books required, mode of delivery and the order date. The detail captured
about a book includes the ISBN number, the title, author and publisher of the book.
Books may be borrowed by registered members, who are identified by a borrower
number. The library also keeps members’ name, email address and phone number. A
member may borrow a maximum of two (2) books on each occasion. A supplier delivers
one or more books orders to the library. The supplier’s name, address and telephone
contact is kept by library.
i) Draw an ERD to model the data stored in the KCA library system. [8 Marks]
ii) Describe at least one Physical design system component specification for the KCA
Library system for the following:
a) System outputs
b) System inputs
c) Hardware and Software platform(s)
d) Acquisition method:
e) Modular design.
f) Detailed Test plan. [ 12 Marks]
– END – 

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