KISM Study Packs, Past Papers and Revision KitsKenya Institute of Supplies Examination Board (KISEB) is a body corporate established by the Supplies Practitioners Management (SPM) Act No.17 of 2007 of the Laws of Kenya. The Examinations Board is mandated to conduct examinations for professional supplies certification and in particular toβ€”

  • prescribe and regulate syllabuses of instruction for professional supplies certification for persons seeking registration under the Act;
  • prepare and conduct examinations for persons seeking registration under the Act;
  • prepare regulations to be made by the Institute regarding the standard of proficiency to be gained in each examination for a diploma, degree or other award; and make rules with respect to such examinations;
  • prescribe the fees and other charges payable with respect to such examinations;
  • issue professional qualifying certificates and other awards to candidates who have satisfied the examination requirements;
  • investigate and determine cases involving indiscipline by students registered with the Examinations Board;
  • liaise with the Ministry of Education in accreditation of institutions offering the examination of the Board for the purpose of carrying out examinations;
  • promote recognition of its examination in foreign countries;
  • perform such other functions as may be necessary for proper administration of this Act
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