The auditor may involve a technical expert in verification of work-in-progress if necessary. He may advise his client that where possible the work-in-progress should be reduced to the minimum before the closing date, particularly of items the production of which have been abandoned and for items the
manufacture of which is not being actively undertaken provided cost sheets are available in respect of individual items or lots of jobs or work orders, which cannot be identified with physical work, these should be verified as follows :

  1.  Ascertain that the cost sheets are duly attested by the Works Engineer and Works Manager.
  2.  Test the correctness of the cost as disclosed by the cost records by verification of quantities and cost of materials, wages and other charges included in the cost-sheets by reference to the records maintained in respect of issues of materials, payment of wages and its classification and original evidence in respect of all expenditure included in the cost-sheets.
  3.  Compare the unit cost or job cost as shown by the costsheet with the standard cost or the estimate of cost expected to be maintained under actual operating conditions during a limited future period (wherever these have been developed).
  4. Ensure that the allocation of overhead expenses has been made on reasonable basis and that total of the overhead expenses does not include any amount in respect of selling distribution and office expenses.
  5.  Compare the cost-sheet in detail with that of the previous year both in regard to the composition of cost and the value placed on various components. If they vary materially, investigate the causes thereof.
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