Why perform an Opportunity Analysis?

The purpose of an Opportunity Analysis initiative is to facilitate the identification and capture of sourcing process improvements and savings opportunities. These opportunities can come in many forms, such as:

  • Improve sourcing processes:
    Increase efficiency of internal processes and eliminate non-value add activities.
    Improve supplier processes to reduce their cost to provide goods and/or services and increase their efficiency.
    Enable an effective supplier management program.
  • Expand scope of existing category agreements:
    Reduces risk and liability.
  • Capture value for the organisation:
    Pay less for current product or service.
    Receive more products, services, or value at current price paid.
    Pay below market price for expanded products or service requirements (spend more absolute money while realising savings by paying below competition/market).
  • Train and lead non-procurement colleagues in sourcing skills and processes to create ‗sourcing champions‘ throughout the organisation, where applicable.
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