Variable to be considered prior to negotiation.

Some of the questions that should be considered prior to any negotiations are:

Relationships: What is the history of the relationship? Could or should the history impact the negotiation? Will there be any hidden issues that may influence the negotiation? How will you handle these?

Power: Who has what power in the relationship? Who controls resources? Who stands to lose the most if an agreement isn‘t reached? What power does the other person have to deliver what you hope for?

Goals: What do you want to get out of the negotiation? What do you think the other person wants?

Trade: What do you and the other person have that you can trade? What do you think the other person wants? What are you each comfortable giving away?

Alternatives: If you don‘t reach agreement with the other person, what alternatives do you have? Are these good or bad? How much does it matter if you don‘t reach an agreement? Does failure to reach an agreement cut you out of future opportunities? And what alternatives might the other person have?

Expected outcomes: What outcome will people be expecting from this negotiation? What has the outcome been in the past and what precedents have been set?

The consequences: What are the consequences for you of winning or losing this negotiation? What are the consequences for the other person?

Possible solution: Based on all the considerations, what possible compromise might there be?

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