Uses of Procurement Audit Report

1. Regulatory Authorities – PPRA and PPARB are interested in assessing if the public entities are compliant with the procurement laws and regulations and that value for money is manifested in the entities procurement operations.
2. Management of public entities – They are interested in risk management and procurement audit report to enhance their audit controls in their procurement processes via implementation of auditor‘s recommendation.
3. National Treasury – interested in assessing the operations of the public entities whether it is in line with the set laws and regulations and value for money allocated to them is achieved.
4. Suppliers – Interested to measure if statutory requirements have been compiled with in the procurement processes of the public entity. Specifically interested in equity and fairness in contract award by the public entities.
5. Public – Interested in fairness, and equity in procurement processes of public entities.
6. Donors of functions – To see if funds are well utilized to achieve value for money
7. Parliament.

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