Typewriting -(30 wpm) November 2008  Knec Past Paper

This is a warm-up passage. It docs not constitute part of the examination. Time allowed: 3 minutes.
People may have arguments in support of the idea that too much money is just spent on advertising. However, no one supports the decade we should nod anivertne ofa: If this. is not done, how would the customer get in touch with the firm that is willing to supply goods or services? |
It is important for those who sell a product to make it known to the public all the time through advertising. If they do not, the expected sales of the hick will quickly decline. It is amazing how advertising informs people about a new product. New ideas and developments are also brought to the notice of would be customers.

Exercise 1
Type the eieing passage in double-tine spacing. Erasing i is not allowed. Time allowed: 5 minutes.
There are some ways in which a producer can find out what people think about a new product that he wants to put on the market.
The choice of method will be affected by the ‘willingness ofthe — producer to put money into the venture. This should be done only ‘
after he knows whether or not it will be profitable.
The best way bak testing the views of people is to carry out a survey. Those who are in favour of this approach believe that a
‘reat deal of information can be got if the questions asked are well framed. There is no doubt that a survey ofthis kind, designed to find out the fiture buying intentions of the people interviewed, has had some success. It has been possible in some cases to forecast changes in buying habits of people.


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