Types of Stocks in Supply Chain

• Raw materials and production inventories: Raw materials and other supplies, parts and components, which enter into the product during the production process and usually form part of the product.
• In-process inventories: Semi – finished, work – in – progress and partly finished products formed at various stages of production
• MRO Inventories: Maintenance, repairs and operating supplies consumed during production process and usually not a part of the product itself (e.g. oils and lubricants, machinery and plant spares, tools and fixtures, etc.)
• Finished goods inventories: Completed products ready for sale.
• Movement or transit inventories: Arise, as there is time involved while moving stocks from one place to another.
• Let-size inventories: Large quantities than necessary are stocked to keep costs of buying,
receiving, inspection and handling low.
• Fluctuation inventories: Maintained as a cushion against unpredictable fluctuations in demand.
• Anticipation inventories: Inventories carried to meet predictable changes in demand.

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