Types of e-procurement platform

1. Business to Business(B2B)
It’s a business platform that caters for the needs of other businesses. There is no consumer angle in B2B platforms of product offerings e.g. Amazon web services

2. B2BC
It’s a platform product that caters to business but the services are predominantly used to provide consumer products/services e.g. Jumia

3. Business to Consumer(B2C)
This companies offer consumer products, this is the core of their business. They provide applications to the end users and tools that can enable end users to access their services through cloud computing technology.

The core value being exchanged is by platform type e.g.
1. Payment platform is basically for payment, investment or exchange of financial investment e.g. loans
2. Communication platform for direct social communication e.g. messaging
3. Service market place is a platform that offers services other than products
4. Product market place platform offers a physical product

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