Transaction advisors and their role

The skills and experience required in the transaction advisory team are as follows:

  1. Financial analysis, with relevant PPP and project finance experience through to financial close
  2. PPP procurement and structuring
  3. Legal, with relevant law and experience in the drafting and negotiating of PPP agreements
  4. Technical due diligence and advice on PPP structuring and contracts
  5. Project planning management
  6. Project facilities management
  7. Relevant expertise in renewable energy power generation and IPPs
  8. Negotiations
  9. Contract management
  10. Project management.

The transaction advisor will comprise a team, managed by a single lead ADVISOR. The members of the team will have the skill and experience necessary to undertake the range of tasks set out in these terms of reference. Each individual on the team must be personally available to do the work as and when required. The lead advisor will be held accountable, in terms of the transaction advisor contract, for ensuring project deliverables and for the professional conduct and integrity of the team

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