This is a management philosophy, a paradigm, a continuous improvement approach to doing business through a new management model.

Benefits of TQM
The benefits of TQM can be classified into the following two categories:
1. Customer satisfaction oriented benefits.
2. Economic improvements oriented benefits.

1. Customer satisfaction oriented benefits: The benefits under this category are listed below:

  • Improvement in product quality.
  • Improvement in product design.
  • Improvement in production flow.
  • Improvement in employee morale and quality consciousness.
  • Improvement of product service.
  • Improvement in market place acceptance.

2. Economic improvements oriented benefits: The benefits under this category are as follows:

  • Reductions in operating costs.
  • Reductions in operating losses.
  • Reductions in field service costs.
  • Reductions in liability exposure.

TQM Six Basic Concepts
1. Leadership
2. Customer Satisfaction
3. Employee Involvement
4. Continuous Process Improvement
5. Supplier Partnership
6. Performance Measures

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