The PPP concept

A public–private partnership (PPP, 3P or P3) is a cooperative arrangement between one or more public and private sectors, typically of a long term nature. Governments have used such a mix of public and private endeavours throughout history. However, the past few decades has seen a clear trend towards governments across the globe making greater use of various PPP arrangements

Public-private partnerships between a government agency and private-sector company can be used to finance, build and operate projects, such as public transportation networks, parks and convention centres. Financing a project through a public-private partnership can allow a project to be completed sooner or make it a possibility in the first place.

PPP is a long-term contractual relationship between the public sector and the private sector for the purpose of having the private sector deliver a project or service traditionally provided by the public sector. PPP projects do not minimize the public sector‟s responsibility to improve public services, only the methodology for its provision and procurement is different.

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