Sections 224 to 233 of the Companies Act, 1956 (hereinafter referred to as the Act unless otherwise mentioned) deal with provisions relating to audit of companies. Therefore, it is quite important to understand these provisions very carefully. You may also study sections 209 to 223 relating to “Accounts” of companies for better understanding of the subject. The provisions relating to ‘audit’ broadly deal with who can be appointed as an auditor under the Act, i.e., qualifications and disqualifications, the manner of appointment and removal of an auditor and rights and duties of an auditor. A scheme of the provisions of the Act relating to audit is given below for quick reference:
224. Appointment and remuneration of auditors
224A Auditor not to be appointed except with the approval of the company by special resolution in certain cases.
225 Provisions as to resolutions for appointing or removing auditors
226. Qualifications and disqualifications of auditors
227. Powers and duties of auditors
228. Audit of accounts of branch office of company
229. Signature of audit report, etc.
230. Reading and inspection of auditor’s report
231. Right of auditor to attend general meeting
232. Penalty for non-compliance with sections 225 to 231
233. Penalty for non-compliance by auditor with sections 227 and 229
233A. Power of Central Government to direct special audit in certain cases
233B. Audit of cost accounts in certain cases

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