The Characteristic of a Potential Entrepreneur.

Initiative and risks taken by;

  • Doing things before being asked or forced by events
  • Acts to extend business in to new areas products etc
  • Sees and acts on opportunities
  • Looks for and takes action on opportunities.
  • Sees and acts on new business opportunities

Persistence and patience through

  • Taking repeated action to overcome obstacles
  • Taking action to overcome obstacles
  • Taking action in the face of significant obstacles.

Information and property seeking

  • Takes action on his own to get information to help reach business objectives
  • Does personal research on how to provide a product or service
  • Consultation of experts on business and technical advice
  • Asks questions to clarify information
  • Undertakes market research analysis and investigation.

Concern for high quality work by

  • Acting to do things that meet or beat existing standards
  • A desire to produce and sell top and better quality products or services
  • Compares own work favorable to other.

Commitment to work contract by

  • Placing the highest priority on getting the job completed.
  • Accepts full responsibility for problems that may arise in getting the job done
  • Expresses concern on customers satisfaction.

Efficiency orientation by;

  • Finding ways of doing things faster and cost effectively
  • Uses information to improve efficiently.
  • Express concern on costs improvements change etc.

Systematic planning

  • by developing and using logical plans to meet goals
  • breaking tasks down to sub-tasks
  • developing plans which anticipate obstacles
  • evaluates alternatives
  • takes logical and systematic approach to activities
  • identifies new and potential unique ideas to reach goals
  • Switches to alternative strategies to reach goals.

Self –confidence

  • has a strong belief in self and own abilities
  • expresses confidence in own ability to complete task or meet challenges
  • sticks with own judgment in the face of opposition or early lack of success
  • confronts problems and issues directly
  • Tells others what they have to do.


  • convinces people to buy the products or service
  • convinces people on providing funds
  • Asserts own competence reliability and the company product.

Uses strategic influence and networking

  • To develop business contact
  • Uses influential people as agent to accomplish objectives
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