Supply Management 2019 July Knec Past Paper


1. Explain the objectives of the warehousing function in an organization. (10 marks)
2. Highlight four limitations that an organization may face when planning for production in supply management. (8 marks)
3. Explain five measures that an organization may put in place to ensure effective use of its material handling equipment. (10 marks)
4. Highlight five reasons that make it important for an organization to have a good store layout. (10 marks)
5. Explain the ways in which packaging of goods may add value to the operations of an organization. (10 marks)
6. Explain six factors to be considered when determining the stock holding levels in an organization. (12 marks)
7. Highlight the disadvantages of using water as a mode of transport to an organization. (10 marks)
8. Highlight the material handling activities that a supplies officer may undertake when receiving a consignment from a supplier. (10 marks)
9. Highlight five benefits that an organization may derive from outsourcing its logistics function. (10 marks)
10. The supply manager at Tuko Limited has engaged in poor inventory management practices for sometime. Highlight the consequences that the organization may face from such a practice. (10 marks)
11. Explain the internal challenges that a supply chajr^manager may^face during inventory planning process. (10 marks)
12.Serna Limited has been experiencing inefficiencies in transport section. Highlight five likely internal causes of such inefficiencies. (10 marks)
13. Highlight the benefits that may accrue to an organization that uses pallets for distribution operations

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