Supply Chain Policies

1. Environmental purchasing policies
These are policies relating to environmental sustainability that organizations adapt e.g. complying with environmental legislation, adopting green power.
2. Ethical Supply Chain policies
Avoidance of corruption in the supply chain e.g. discriminating suppliers.
3.Conducting open and fair transactions
Providing all companies with an opportunity to participate in bidding for the organization supplies in an open, equitable and impartial manner.

Supplier selection is based on:

  • Reliability
  • Product quality
  • Technical capabilities
  • Costs
  • Assurance of delivery
  • Technology
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Skilled labour

4. Promotion of local purchasing
This is buying locally so as to develop and contribute to society building.
5.Maintaining confidentiality and law abidingness
This involves adhering to set laws on supply and exercising due care when handling confidential information in the supply chain.
6. Purchasing policies that promote buying commodities at a reasonable price and of good quality

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