The government of Kenya is majorly divided into 3 branches

  1. The Legislature
  2. The Judiciary
  3. The Executive

The Executive

It is the arm of government which deals with the execution or implementation of laws made by the legislature; it consists of president, vice president, cabinet and civil servant.

Roles of Executive

The handle the general administration of the country including internal and external affair.

Roles of president

Head of state

Head of government

Chairing cabinet meeting

Legislative power

Commander in chief

Judicial power

Emergency power

Presiding over national holiday

The judiciary

Is one of the three organs of government; it consists of the judge, magistrate and other officers of superior and sub ordinates courts.

Functions of the Judiciary

  1. Settles legal disputes among individuals or between individuals and the state.
  2. It guarantees the rules of law (which stipulates that all Kenyan are governed by the same land) by exercising justice.
  3. Help in the development of laws.
  4. It administers justice.
  5. It is guardian of our constitution.
  6. The legal system arrange for the administration of the estate of deceased person by appointing guardians or trustees of estates.

The Legislature

This is also referred to as parliament and is the law making organ in Kenya.

It comprises in National Assembly and the president.

Functions of Legislature

  1. Legislative functions Control of revenue and expenditure
  2. Terminative roles
  3. Check on executive and judiciary
  4. Control of revenue and expenditure
  5. Bridge between people and the judiciary
  6. Creation of statutory bodies
  7. Shaping political leadership
  8. Promotion of good governance
  9. Election of the speaker
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