Stores manager

Supervise the operation of a storeroom and all facets including ordering, receiving, processing, recording and distributing supplies and materials; preparing and maintaining detailed records and files. Supervision is exercised over storekeepers and delivery persons.

Duties of a store manager

  1. Manage, oversee, supervise and participate in storeroom operations.
  2. Approve requisitions, analyzes work orders, etc.
  3. Supervise computer operations.
  4. Brief staff on materials to be loaded or on assembly of items to be delivered.
  5. Check with staff for changes that could affect delivery schedule; make schedule adjustments as needed.
  6. Review paperwork from deliveries to determine if additional work requirements will occur.
  7. Check documents for thoroughness and completeness and prepare additional documentation when necessary.
  8. Initiate all requests for replenishment of stock.
  9. Oversee the receipt and issuing of materials entering or leaving warehouse.
  10. Take periodic inventories and participate in monthly inventory program.
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