Storekeeping Stage II November 2012 Knec Past Paper

1. Factors that should be considered when determining the size of the store :
2. Vines Company Limited is in the process of designing its storehouse. Highlight five (12 miarks)
3. Explain the importance of an effective stores identification system to an organization.(8 marks)
4. Describe five methods that an organization can use in issuing stores for sere ae : ; 0
5. Highlight five security measures that an organization can put in place to control access to the storehouse. : (10 marks)
5. Damco Company Limited has been practicing ‘stock to order’ policy in the organization but has changed to ‘stock to store’ policy. -Explain. six reasons that may have prompted the change (12 marks) –
6.Highlight four characteristics of an efficient materials handling system to an organization. (8 marks)
7. Describe the procedure an organization would follow when conducting ABC analysis as a stock control technique. ; ; (10 marks)
8. Zam Zam Limited Company has adopted market price method of stock valuation. Highlight five advantages to the company of adopting the method. (10 marks)
9. Highlight four causes of stock detérioration in a warehouse. > (8 marks)
10.Explain the importance of an effective stock control system to an organization. Bee a. et ~ (12’marks)
11. Tamu Tamu Company Limited has discovered discrepancies in it’s storehouse after a stock taking exercise. Highlight six causes of the discrepancies. (12 marks)
12. Explain four reasons which would influence an organization to adopt manual handling ‘system.  (8 marks)
13. Highlight four bases of classifying stock in a warehouse.  (8 marks)
14. Glory Company Limited is in the process of adopting a centralised stores structure. Explain six reasons that may influence the decision.

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