The main stakeholders involved in a standard PPP include;

  1. Public authority-It is responsible for the design, tender, and management of the PPP contract;
  2. The PPP contractor-He is responsible for the development of the project in the terms specified by the public authority;
  3. The financial agents-They are responsible for providing the financial resources;
  4. The funding agents-They are responsible for payment and the provision of the income stream.
  5. The operator-The project PPP contractor can directly operate the infrastructure.

However, if specific know-how is required (market or specialized technical knowledge), then an independent company can be brought on board to carry out the operation on behalf of the project PPP contractor. The relationship between them including capacity, level of service, or pricing policymust be clearly regulated in a specific contract.

6. Regulator-Apart from the public authority responsible for the scheme, other public bodies may have a role to play in the technical or economic regulation of certain aspects of the project

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