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There is no question that email is one of the most valuable ways to gather candid customer feedback. However, there are a few ways you can improve the way customers reach out to you via email to maximize this channel’s effectiveness. and all of these changes will create a better experience for customers, as well!

The three main elements you should focus on for soliciting feedback via email are:

  • Assuring customers of a speedy response
  • Creating an organized customer feedback system
  • Sending candid follow-up emails.

Crafting a useful customer survey is no easy task. There are so many potential questions you could be asking customers, but you have to be careful in your approach.

Usability Tests
Usability testing requires more upfront planning, but far and away delivers more insights than any of the methods listed here. It uncovers things customers sometimes don’t even know they are thinking about or struggling with, and usually provides you with a clear path to make the experience better.

Exploratory Interviews
Can direct outreach really be beneficial in getting feedback from customers? Absolutely—especially when you conduct it the right way. Truly understanding your customers is often as easy as talking to them directly.

Social Listening
Listening through social media can prove particularly useful for gathering candid feedback from customers. I refer to this method as ―social listening because direct comments or mentions on social networks aren’t the only way for your business to get

On-Site Activity (via Analytics)
What are your users telling you without telling you? Sometimes the best feedback is found when users are candidly using your product (and not being asked how they use it). To get a peek at these sorts of insights, you should turn to analytics that showcase how users are interacting with your site.

Comment Boxes
Speaking of KISS metrics, one of the more creative ways we’ve seen for measuring user satisfaction with a particular page can be found in how they implement feedback boxes at the bottom of particular pages.

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