Service provider

It’s an organization that provides consulting services.

Characteristics of an effective service provider

1. Timely delivery

2. Production capability

3. Strong communication capability

4. Accountability

5. Ethical

6. Ease of cooperation.

Roles and responsibilities
1. Overall Guidance: The consultant works with the client throughout the engagement to plan and execute his work as a meeting or process facilitator.
2. Information Gathering: The consultant designs and gathers data during the information gathering phase. Consultants can be particularly useful in collecting qualitative data through interviews and focus groups, since their neutral position with the organization can lead to more honest responses from internal and external stakeholders.
3. Training: The consultant conducts training and may provide written documentation to assist the client to effectively run his business operations effectively.
4. Evaluation: The consultant creates an evaluation plan to measure the efficacy of trainings and progress of your inclusiveness initiative.
5. Monitor and Manage risks that are within their scope of work.
6. Monitor potential changes for impact on the quality of products.
7. Abide with the agreement with the client.
8. Compliance with laws and social norms while conducting their work.
9. Environmental protection while delivering services.

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