Security of Records refers to protecting and safeguarding of records against loss or damage. many organizations have set up registries without minimum appreciation of the very real hazards to which those systems stand exposed.

Reasons for having Security of records

Security of records is needed because:

  • Confidential information must be protected
  • Information must not be lost through accident or poor records handling
  • Avoid malicious damage to records.
  • Prevent damage of records by fire, water, rodents or any agent of destruction.

Records Security Classification

The following are the security classification levels used in public offices:

  1. Open

Unclassified (open) records although unclassified, files can be handled openly within the public office, access to these files must be limited to action officers.


The files classified as confidential information which if disclosed to unauthorized person could Cause extreme embarrassment to organisation.


These are records whose information content if disclosed an unauthorized person can cause serious injury to organization.

4.Top Secret

Information  and material classified as top secrets are materials whose information if disclosed to an unauthorized person can cause exceptional and serious damage to an organisation

Threats to Security of Records

Records are prone to the following threats:

  1. Dust
  2. Fire
  3. Insects
  4. Rodents
  5. Floods
  6. Man

Security measures

  1. Installation of fire extinguishers in record management centres
  2. Installing sticky glue board which will arrest the insects
  3. Employing security personnel to Mann the organisation
  4. Installing air conditioners to condition record centers to have a relative humidity
  5. Installing CCTVs to reduce theft cases
  6. Ensure there are regular good housekeeping practices

Importance of Security measures for records

  • To prolong the life of records
  • To protect the records against loss
  • To protect the records against damage
  • To ensure cost of records is reduced especially those associated with replacements
  • To ensure constant availability of records
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