Sales Management 2013 July Knec Past Paper

1. (a) Explain five factors that an organization should consider when determining the sales budget. (10 marks)
(b) The Sales Manager of Kikwetu Company Ltd intends to recruit sales people using application forms.
Describe the nature of information that the manager would obtain from the forms.
(10 marks)
2. (a) Highlight five tasks that the Sales Management Function is expected to perform in an organization. (10 marks)
(b) Many managers use physical examination as a selection tool to evaluate candidates.
Explain five reasons why physical examination is necessary before hiring candidates. (10 marks)
3. (a) The management of Usenge Company Ltd intends to establish sales quotas for the sales force.
Highlight five benefits that the company would derive from establishing the quotas. (10 marks)
(b) Highlight five reasons why organizations find it necessary to evaluate the performance of sales representatives. (10 marks)
4. (a) One of the techniques that an organization would use to determine the size of the field sales force is the breakdown method.
Outline five shortcomings of the method. (10 marks)
(b) Explain five factors in the external environment that a sales manager should take into account when formulating the company’s sales policies. (10 marks)
5. (a) The management of Betwene Company Ltd has decided to use the statistical demand analysis method as a sales forecasting technique.

Highlight five advantages of this method. (10 marks)
(b) Describe the procedure that a Sales Manager should follow when designing an incentive programme for the Sales force. (10 marks) a
6. (a) Sales managers face numerous problems when implementing training programmes for salespeople.
Highlight five such problems. (10 marks)
(b) Explain five reasons why an organization’s sales programme should be integrated with its marketing programmes. (10 marks)
7. (a) Explain six factors that a firm should consider in selecting a method of organizing its sales force. (12 marks)
(b) Describe four characteristics of a good quota plan.

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