Responsibilities of the Head of Stores Officer.

1. Ensure that store rooms are kept clean, properly ventilated and in good condition, and that the stores are well arranged and easy to access.
2. Inspect the store regularly for any loss, damage, leakage etc. and report to the head of the procurement unit.
3. Report half yearly, in writing to the head of the procurement unit of any obsolete and unserviceable stores.
4. Examine frequently the locks of doors and fastenings of windows.
5. Apply goods storage and preservation practices for all store items.
6. All stores of highly inflammable or expensive nature are kept in a separate store room.
7. Ensure issues are made of old consignments of stores before issuing new consignments.
8. Ensures notices prohibiting smoking are prominently exhibited within the store premises.
9. Ensure access to the stores is restricted.

Stores management, stock control, distribution and assets management are important aspects of procurement. It is absolutely necessary for the procured goods, works and services to be put in proper use as intended by the procuring entity. Permanent assets must also be properly maintained when in use and uneconomical to maintain and they are identified for disposal in accordance with the ACT

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