Reasons for outsourcing IT system for disaster recovery

  1. Recovery Experience – IT staff rarely have experience of full recovery experience. A disaster recovery provider can offer people skilled in recovery methodology and best practices.
  2. Data centre diversity – Working with a disaster recovery provider helps leverage a shared pool of current and older equipment and expert recovery services team with skilled working in complex IT environments.
  3. Scope of services offered – Providers understand and can fulfil a range of critical service requirements.
  4. Recovery System Readiness – Business cannot afford to have recovery systems standing in anticipation of disaster. A disaster recovery provider can have hundreds of servers available at a single sight, shortening recovery period at a fraction of the cost
    of maintaining the same equipment internally.
  5. Robust infrastructure – Suffers with capability to ensure hosted applications are available on a 24/7 basis and can be expanded or upgraded as the business needs change.
  6. Compliance reasons – Data centres need to be compliant with a range of regulations and standards and disaster recovery provider have expertise in accreditation and compliance.
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